Optimal Well-Being Through Yoga

Optimal Well-Being through Yoga is a 10 week program designed by Joseph & Lilian LePage of Integrative Yoga Therapy.  You will take your Yoga practice to the next level by cultivating healing (emotional, spiritual, physical) through self-awareness exercises, mudras & affirmations, pranayama, asana, yoga nidra, and meditation.

In this progressive session we'll explore all dimensions of our being, the physical body (Annamaya Kosha), the energetic body (Pranamaya Kosha), the psycho-emotional body, (Manomaya Kosha), the wisdom body (Vjnanamaya Kosha), and the bliss body (Anandamaya Kosha).

We'll experience energy flow and discuss how the subtle energy flows.


Each week we will explore a particular core quality or facet of healing.  Following each practice, participants are given a mudra, an affirmation, and access to a recorded meditation to practice at home.

We'll begin with the core quality of "New Possibilities" and end with "Purpose and Meaning".  Step by step, this session will bring you inward to tune in with your true self....helping to open you to understanding your Dharma (pursuing your truest calling).

CLASS RUNS January 8, 2019 - March 19, 2019 (no class February 12th).

FEE:  $150.00.  This is a progressive class, so no drop-ins allowed.

SIGN UP BY DEC. 31, 2018 AND PAY ONLY $135.00


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WEEK 1:  Visualizing Optimal Health

"I visualize a new dawn of perfect health."

Core Quality:  New Possibilities

WEEK 2:  Stress Reduction

"I am completely relaxed and at ease."

Core Quality:  Relaxation

WEEK 3:  Body Awareness

"I trust and honor my body."

Core Quality:  Healthy Embodiment

WEEK 4:  Correct Postural Alignment

"Aligned from earth to sky, I sense complete integration body, breath & mind."

Core Quality:  Optimal Alignment

WEEK 5:  Optimal Breathing

"As I nourish my inner being, I reawaken the joy of living."

Core Quality:  Breathing Completely

WEEK 6:  Self-Nourishment

"I awaken to my own spring of inner healing."

Core Quality:  Self-Nourishment

WEEK 7:  Awakening the Senses

"I awaken my senses to live each day more vibrantly."

Core Quality:  Living More Fully

WEEK 8:  Gratitude

"I treasure each moment of life as a precious gift."

Core Quality:  Gratitude

WEEK 9:  Opening the Heart

"My heart beats in synchrony with the heart of all beings."

Core Quality:  Compassion

WEEK 10:  Life's Deeper Meaning

"I align with my life's deeper meaning."

Core Quality:  Purpose and Meaning

Kirsten Erickson, C-IAYT, YACEP, E-RYT200, RYT500, iRest® Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher, Yoga Wellness North