Virtual Yoga Classes

A Clearing Practice

This is an awesome practice (currently my favorite) to clear your mind as you start your day...even as you end your day!  We tune in to our energy flow, then direct our energy flow with breath, and move into a releasing practice that includes supported side plank, one legged down dog, pigeon, cow face, shoulder stand, bridge and fish.  62 min.


A Sweet Hatha Practice

This sweet little hatha practice begins with tuning in to your inner guide, them moves into standing postures...high lunge, warrior II, reverse warrior, extended side angle, then we enjoy a little tai chi like energy movement and moving into shoulder stand, bridge, and fish.  A relaxing savasana and quiet seated centering ends this sweet little practice.  41 min.

Sun & Moon Solute

Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar, Surya = Sun, Namaskar = to bow to, or to adore.  The Sun Salutation is heating and stimulating.  It allows us to tune into our "inner sun" or spiritual heart. The Moon Salute, Chandra Namaskar, Chandra = Moon, is calming and cooling, allowing us to slow down, listen to our own needs and be receptive to change.  51 min.

Be Joyful

Awakening to the joy of living.  This practice beings with a guided meditation thens moves through a gentle heart opening practice including a cow/cat sequence, camel, seated spinal twist, releasing forward fold, and a relaxing yoga nidra.  51 min.

A Massaging Yoga Practice

Breathe, release, and massage away tension.  We enjoy a massaging cow cat, wagging the tail, and barrel roll sequence along with a camel front body stretch and supported side plank side body release.  A gentle seated twist massages internal organs as well as releases the spine and yin butterfly releases held tension in the hips and jaw.  The practice will leave you feeling like you just left your massage therapist!  53 min.

Opening the Heart Chakra

We use Padma Mudra to open the heart chakra in this hatha practice.  The practice begins with breath of joy and includes warrior I, high plank, sphinx, cobra, bow, anahata asana, yoga mudra, a massaging cow-cat, and a relaxing supported fish savasana.  We finish the practice with a subtle heart opening guided meditation with padma mudra.  62 min.

Sleep Well

Destress, release joints, and sleep well!  This relaxing joint releasing practice begins with a simple breathing exercise to center and become present.  We then release the joints beginning with the feet and move up the body through controlled breath and gentle massaging stretches.  The practice ends with a guided yoga nidra.  It is an excellent way to end your day and ready yourself for a good night's sleep.  63 min.

Subtle Energy Balancing Hatha Practice

This Hatha Practice begins with Shakti Mudra to stir the energy (kundalini), alternate nostril breathe to open the energy pathways (nadis) and flows into a subtle energy balancing practice with each posture designed to open a specific energy center (chakra).  A guided yoga nidra finishes the practice. 63 min.

Chair Yoga

We use a chair as our main prop in this class.  During the class we are seated in the chair and use the chair for support and balance when we lunge and practice tree pose.  The class ends with a relaxing guided meditation. 50 min.

Kirsten Erickson, C-IAYT, YACEP, E-RYT200, RYT500, iRest® Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher, Yoga Wellness North