Kapha Season

Our bodies, like nature, respond to the seasonal changes. We are moving from a Vata season into a Kapha season. Vata season began in the fall, the dry/cold season. As we move into February, the weather tends to be cold (but usually not as cold as January), and becomes more damp. The snow that falls now through Spring tends to be heavier and wetter. Kapha season is a damp/heavy/cold season.

All three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, are affected by the Kapha season. But, those with a Kapha dosha (prikriti), are more sensitive to the season's affects. Because Kapha is earth and water, it is prone to attachment, accumulation, and holding. These characteristics can result in weight gain and depression.

This makes it a great time for a Mid-Winter Yogic Cleanse. This a good time to assess at our our patterns of thoughts and possibly beliefs we hold about ourselves and others that may not be fully benefitting our personal growth.

Knowing your primary dosha is important in understanding how to attain and maintain good health. It is when we are not in balance, our primary dosha’s “bad side” becomes most present. By understanding this we can bring ourselves back into harmony.

Determine your dosha or prikriti with this quiz.

Please answer YES or NO to the following questions based on what rings true for you.

Section A

I have always been thin and gangly. Yes No

I lose weight easily and I have difficulty gaining it. Yes No

I prefer a warm climate and don't like wind and cold. Yes No

My hair tends to be curly and dry. Yes No

My skin tends to be rough and dry. Yes No

When under stress I tend to become anxious and/or fearful. Yes No

Section B

I have a medium build with medium bone structure. Yes No

I enjoy competitive activities and enjoy physical or intellectual challenges. Yes No

I prefer a cool climate to a warm one. Yes No

I dislike heat, especially humid heat and feel easily fatigued by it. Yes No

I have a sharp, aggressive mind. Yes No

My digestion and appetite tends to be strong and I get irritable when I'm hungry. Yes No

When under stress I tend to become easily frustrated, impatient, or angry. Yes No

Section C

I have a sturdy constitution and a large bone structure. Yes No

I've always been a little overweight. Yes No

I gain weight easily and have difficulty losing it. Yes No

I tend to have excess mucous. Yes No

My hair is a thick and lustrous. Yes No

My energy and stamina are consistent. Yes No

When under stress I become withdrawn, unmotivated, and resistant to change Yes No

If you answer YES to three or more statements in Section A,

you have a primarily Vata constitution.

If you answer YES to three or more statements in Section B,

you have a primarily Pitta constitution.

If you answer YES to three or more statements in Section C,

you may have a primarily Kapha constitution.

If your answers are split between two or three of the sections,

you are bi- or tri-doshic.


Kirsten Erickson, C-IAYT, YACEP, E-RYT200, RYT500, iRest® Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher, Yoga Wellness North