Fall is here...Simple Ayurveda types to stay healthy this "Vata" season.

Fall is considered a "Vata' season.  Vata is comprised of "Air" and "Ether", characterized by dry and cool.  As we move into this Vata season, a great way of nourishing ourselves and staying healthy is to think opposite of dry and 


cool - moist and warm.  Practicing your "Garshana" and "Abhyanga" are especially important.

Lubricate the nasal passages.  According to Dr. John Doullard, D.C. and Ayurvadic Physician, “As mucous membranes dry out, the body produces reactive mucus (the stuff of runny noses), which disturbs the nasal environment for good respiratory microbes and becomes the breeding ground for colds and flus.”  On mornings and evenings that you feel a cold coming on, warm sesame oil by running the bottle under hot water. Dip your finger into the oil and gently massage the insides of your nostrils with it.

Keep your lungs clear with your three part breath.  Besides helping to loosen up heavy congestion from the lungs, gentle, complete three part breath deactivates the parasympathetic nervous system allowing you to stay relaxed so you can get restorative rest.


Kirsten Erickson, C-IAYT, YACEP, E-RYT200, RYT500, iRest® Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher, Yoga Wellness North