Discovering Your Dharma,

Your Life's Purpose

4 Week Workshop


June 8 - June 29

9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Fee:  $145.00 

Payable by check or cash on the first day of the session

Discovering Your Dharma, Your Life's Purpose

Dharma:  "Life Purpose", the reason why you are here.  According to Vedic wisdom, nothing is coincidental.  You were born on this planet with a unique gift, a skill that is meant to be shared with others.  We are all born to discover our individual life's purpose.  When not living in harmony with this purpose, life can seem to be hard and unfulfilling.  

As we step into our dharma (life's purpose), life begins to flow.  Things fall into place.  We meet the right people a the right time.  This is called living in Kriya, or "living in the flow".  The opposite is living in Karma.  Karma means "bounded by action of the universe."  Karma is not bad, it is an essential nudge from the universe that informs you that you've fallen off the path of your dharma.  Karma's essential nudge might be a sensation in the body, a thought, or a feeling at first.  If we don't respond to Karma's "nudge", the nudge may become a push, an illness, an event, or other louder signal intended to get our attention.

You have a purpose.  Vedic wisdom reminds us that nothing in the universe is random...everything has a unique purpose.  Bees pollinate plants, plants feed birds and animals, and so on.  Everything in life happens for a reason.  There's even is a reason why you are reading this.

Please join in on the journey of Discovering Your Dharma, Your Life's Purpose.  During this 4-Week Workshop we will look into ourselves through meditative self-inquiry, yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breath), and yoga nidra.  Please dress for a yoga practice and bring along your journal.

Week 1:  Believing you are worthy of your heart's deepest desire

Week 2:  Your life's story

Week 3:  What excites you?

Week 4:  Putting it all together

Kirsten Erickson, C-IAYT, YACEP, E-RYT200, RYT500, iRest® Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher, Yoga Wellness North